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following the way of the cross



    It’s Not Impossible to Stick to Your Goals This Year

    The first few steps to making your dreams a reality in 2015. A lot can happen in a year. I started my senior year of college with no direction, no plan and lots of uncertainty about what was next. Then, while climbing a mountain in Russia, a dream was dropped into my heart. Just one year later I had quit my job, started a not-for-profit outdoor organization and was taking teams around the world. Now, I’m convinced it was God that made it all happen. But I also know that it required some strategy on my part. I worked hard and God made the dream in my heart a reality. But it all happened in just under a year. I say all that to say this: This could be the year that some of your major goals or dreams become a reality. But you’ll need to get serious about getting organized and intentional. Here are a few practical things you can do at the start of this year to get moving toward the dream God placed in your heart. Get Clear If you are going to be all God has for you, you can’t do it alone. You need an advisor team. There’s a good chance your dream or idea is still a little vague. You may think it’s clear, but the test is this: Can you explain it in a clear one-line vision statement? Start the year by telling everyone your goal. Look for the most simple, clear explanation that hones in on exactly what you want to accomplish this year. Don’t use fancy words. Don’t make it long. Tell what you are going to do and why it needs to be done. Once it’s clear, write it down. Put it somewhere visible. Keep it in front of you. Find Advisors If you are going to be all God has for you, you can’t do it a ... continue reading